The Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee was formed to create a lasting and living memorial to those Montgomery residents who have served our nation in times of war. The Montgomery Veterans Memorial is a dedicated site in Montgomery Veterans Park, Harlingen Road, Belle Mead, NJ, which is suitable for contemplation and awareness of the sacrifices of others, as well as for public gatherings for patriotic observances at various times throughout the year.

The memorial includes the names of Montgomery residents who served in any of our nation’s wars, to the best knowledge of the MVM Committee, which has done extensive research on this topic. While the Memorial structure was built and its stone initially engraved in 2011, we continue to accept applications for the submission of new veterans not as yet listed. Eligibility begins with the French and Indian Wars and continues through to the present day, and is fully explained on the Eligibility Criteria page. The general format for listing the names includes one given name (usually the first name), one initial without punctuation (usually the middle initial), and the surname with suffix (Jr, III, etc) if appropriate. Ranks, titles, or other prefixes will not be used, and no other names will be permitted on the memorial.

The names are grouped by war and listed on the Memorial in alphabetical order. Those who were killed in action are identified with a superscript pentagram (star) following their name.

As the Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee continues to develop this web site, we are adding additional information that supports the educational purpose of the memorial. This information can include, but is not limited to, additional information about the individual veterans listed on the memorial, information about veterans residing in Montgomery whose names are not listed on the Memorial, relevant anecdotal information supplied by veterans or their families,  relevant information supplied by students and other members of our community, links to other web sites of interest, information about life in Montgomery during various times of war, etc. The web site is intended to be a living extension of the Memorial itself for the purpose of maintaining in our community an awareness of the sacrifices of others.

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