Memorial Day 2021

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Apr 072021

Memorial Day Ceremony 2021 Recap

The Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee hosted a Memorial Day Ceremony on May 31, 2021 at the Montgomery Veterans Memorial.  The Ceremony featured lowering of the flags by Montgomery Township Boy and Girl Scouts, a spiritual message provided by Reverend Christopher Heitkamp, and reflections provided by Montgomery Mayor Devra Keenan.  Memorial Day honors and remembers all our military service members who have died while serving our country.  Any member of the public is welcome to visit the Memorial for quiet reflection any day from dawn to dusk.  It is located near the upper parking lot of Montgomery Veterans Memorial Park on Harlingen Road. Please see some photos from this year’s ceremony at:


List of Donors


We are extremely grateful to
the individuals, organizations, and companies
who have so generously contributed
to the Montgomery Veterans Memorial
since 2002

Donations of Goods and Services

AMEC Electric, LLC
Blooms at Belle Mead
B.P.O.E. Princeton Lodge #2129 *
Belle Mead Co-Op *
Cianfrocca Builders
Clifton Landscape Contracting, Inc.
Dutchtown Nurseries *
Elite Restoration, Inc.
Geils Tree Specialists, Inc *
Gibraltar Rock of Belle Mead *
Green Valley Landscapes *
Hawk Construction Products
JK Design
Landscape Marshal*
Mapleton Nurseries *
Maspro-Imagery *
Meadow Services Inc.
Northern Nurseries
Perone Landscaping
Rich Designs
Selody Sod Farms
Straight Edge Striping
Sunset Creations
TechnicianX *
Trap Rock Industries
Van Cleef Engineering Associates *
Weingart Landscaping

Donations in excess of $10,000

3M Foundation
CGEM Group LLC *
Jerry and Linda Cianfrocca *

Donations of $5,000 or more

Stevenson D’Alessio American Legion Post 12
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Hugh & Kathy Dyer *
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies *

Donations of $2,500 or more

BBEC LLC Fundraisers
Hillsborough Memorial Post 8371 of VFW *
Herbert W. Hobler *
Montgomery PBA #355 *
Montgomery/Rocky Hill Rotary Club
Princeton Orthopaedic Associates II *

Donations of $1,000 or more

Norma G. Arons *
Thomas and Danielle Devine *
Richard and Nancy Grosso, Sr.
Kristina and Alfred Hadinger *
Johnson and Johnson
William T. Lubas *
Mike and Kathy Maloney
Wade and LeeAnn Martin
Arthur and Shirley Martin
Montgomery Township School District Staff 2011
Mark & Allison Petraske *
Princeton Innkeepers – T/A The Tigers Tale *
F.J. and Margaret Ryan
Sharbell Development Corporation
Trap Rock Industries, Inc.
Clifford and Louise Wilson *

Donations of $500 or more

1st Constitution Bank
B.P.O.E. Princeton Lodge #2129 *
Bank of America Charitable Foundation *
Jeffrey and Heidi Cianfrocca
Coppola & Coppola Associates
Kacey Dyer *
Hugh & Meegan Dyer *
Environmental Resolutions, Inc
Thomas P. Gallagher
Michael Gebhardt
Hopewell Valley Community Bank
William G. Hyncik, Jr. *
Mason, Griffin & Pierson
Donald and Patricia Matthews *
Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus
Donald and Patricia Prosser *
Lynne P. Seidel
Edward & Jaclyn Trzaska *
Kevin and Ginger Tylus
Georgia Whidden and Keith Wheelock

Donations of $250 or more

American Express Charitable Fund *
American Legion Post 304 *
John & Debbie Bolen
Bill and Judy Burks *
Mark and Patricia Caliguire *
Huguette Castaneda
William & Christine Dyer *
Marc Farley and Gwen Pollak Farley *
James and Carolyn Gilligan *
Harlingen Veterinary Clinic *
William and Nancy Jones
Sean R. Kelly
Terence and Sherilyn McCoy *
Montgomery Township Democratic Organization
Montgomery Township Education Association
Montgomery/Rocky Hill Municipal Alliance
Stephen and Susan Paneyko
Mary Reece
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Robert and Wanda Saums *
Willa & Michael Spicer
Julius and Catherine Szalay *
James and Mary Ellen Tietjen
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the US
Peter & Candis Willis
Jon and Donna Winer *


Christine N. Abrahams
Marie Abrahamsen
Bruce E. Abrahms
V. Jack Abraitis
Agalloco & Associates
George Aldridge
Ricardo and Patricia Alessandri
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Allen
William Altiere
James and Karen Anderson
Ildiko Antal
Larry Apperson
Lois J. Arbegast
Chris and Sandra Arnold
Salvatore and Deanna Arnone
Charles and Esther Atchley
Edward Atoeff
Alfred and Mary Lou Augusta
Maxine H. Baicker
Baker Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Inc.
Steven Barrett
Jeff and Jackie Barth
Bed & Biscuit Inn
James and Deborah Bellina
Michael and Carol Beltranena
John M. Benda *
Donald S. Benito, Sr.
William and Nancy Bennett
Steven and Elaine Bergida
Thomas and Christine Berk
Michele P. & Paul A. Bernal
Glen and Heather Berry
Barry L. & Mary M. Bickel
Paul and Mary Biondi
Norman Birkland
Larry and Sylvia Blackman
William F. Blake
Gilbert Blitz
Charles and Gari Bloom
Eileen F. Bolt
Carmel and Denise Bonnaig
Richard and Francine Bono
Jane H. Bonthron
Terri, Alan, & Zoe Bookman *
Anthony and Hedwig Bottitta
Gil and Arlene Bougher
Walter R. Bowen
Steven L. Boynton *
R. Robert and Barbara Briggs
Jans & Althea Brower
Christopher and Anna Bruno
Susan Buck
Cammps Hardware & Lawn
Brian and Carol Campbell
Steven and Marge Cannon
Joseph and Lorine Cantelmo
Thom Carter
Patrick and Mary Ann Cashman
Finn M. Casperson
Gary and Candace Castellino
Benjamin and Patricia Catalano
Saffet and Abir Catovic
Thomas and Hildegard Cavanaugh *
Albert and Jean Cevasco *
Philip and Mary Chaikin
Ms. Lillian M. Chance
Matthew and Janice Chemidlin
Cherry Valley Country Club
V.A. and Teresa Chiusano
Chow’s Enterprises, Inc.
John and Ruth Cilo
Daniela Ciminella
Carlton and Gail Clough
John and Carmela Colamarino *
Edward and Priscilla Coleman *
Susan A. Coleman
Richard F. Collier Jr.
James and Geraldine Collins
Colonial Barber Shop, LLC
Flora Marie and Robert Comizzoli
Deborah E. Compte *
Kenneth V. Conover *
Nicholas and Jennifer Conte
Robert and Suzanne Cordier
Country Cabinet Shop
Ernest and Irene Cousino
Stephen and Susan Couture
Anita Cox
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Crisfield
Winifred P. Crocetti
Denis and Constance Cummings
Jim & Luisa Curry
Conrad and Janet D’Alessandro *
Stephen and Janet Danforth
Margaret L. Daniels
Joseph and Josephine Darcy
Alvin and Barbara Darvin
Stephen and Margaret Davis *
Stuart and Maria Davis *
Lucille G. Dawson
Steven and Patricia Day
Steven and Loretta De Rochi
Paul and Barbara DeBaylo
Jose and Hae-Young deLavalle
Theodore L. Delbo
Frank and Marilyn Delillo
Dental Center of Montgomery, LLLC
Steven & Loretta Derochi
Steven and Alisa Diemer
Albert and Jane Dilks
A. Paul and Anne Disdier
DPR Electric, Inc.
Lewis and Joyce Drake
Theodore and Marion Drake *
Douglas and Elizabeth Drbal
Heidi Dreyfuss *
Marie Drift
Frank & Noel Drift
Lawrence and Lori Dudek
Stephen and Diane Dugan
Lynn S. Dunham
Allistair and Marilyn Dunn
Michael and Karen Durik
Fredrick and Diane East
Victor and Ellen Elgort *
Shirley Ellis
Alma G. Engelman
Brian and Katherine Fallon
Joseph and Shelley Fallon
Brenda Fallon
Linda L. Fasano
Robert and Peggy Fass
Mary P. Fenton *
Walter & Rita Fenyk
Frances W. Ficken
Dr. Michael J. Fidanzato
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Guy Fillebrown
William and Nickole Forbes
Robert R. Ford and Barbara Marroccoli
Shurald Forde and Joanna Jones-Forde
Joseph Fortunato
Steven and Tracy Foxx
Kevin and Erica Gaffey
Charles G. & Mary E. Gall
Philip H. & Gail J. Gallo
Frederick and Tamara Garaffa
Philip Garrison
Benjamin and Morena Gazdowicz
Norman and Laura Gebhart
Hans and Lilian Geyer *
Deborah Giordano
Joseph and Christine Glancey
Lawrence and Virginia Goldberger
Bruce and Linda Goldstein
Ronald Gonzalez, M.D. and Ms. Elsa Negrin *
Thomas F. Gorman *
Stanley Linda Grabon
H. James and Carole Graff
Robert and Elizabeth Graffin
Gilman and Karen Graves
Green Valley Lawn & Landscape
Joseph and Diane Grosso
Buel K. Grow, Jr.
Bruce and Joan Guest
John and Ann Gueterman
George and Kathleen Guissi
Ruth Gunsel
Bill and Kathy Hackett
Nancy E. Hamilton
Shirley Handler *
Mrs. Mary E. Hardesty
Paul and Teresa Harrison
Nathaniel and Valerie Hartshorne
William Hausdoerffer
Ronald and Sylvia Hauser
John and Cathryn Heath
George and Mary Hefferman
George C. & Mary M. Heffernan
Gloria Hendrickson
G. Russell and Judith Henshaw
Gilbert and Cynthia Henyon
William J. Herbert
Sharon Herl
David and Deborah Herman
Frederick and Brigette Herrmann
Ronald and Barbara Hess *
Rudolf and Ingrid Heubach *
Robert Hilkert
Glenn & Sandra Hill
David and Carolyn Hoeschele
Betty Hogan
Gerard and Lori Hogan
Gerard and Linda Holzwarth
Frank & Joyce Homan
Honda of Princeton *
Glen and Nancy Hoos
Irving Horowitz DMD
Denise Houghton
Howard Design Group, Inc.
John and Cary Hunt
Sam Hunter
Keith and Maryann Hunter
Terrence M. Hurley
John and Mary Hurley
Daniel and Joan Huttar
Catherine Iervolino
Neil and Mary Jaffe
Herman and Alaine Jass
Stanley and Sandra Jensen
Robert Jerzewski and Heddie Martynowicz
John LaRue Auto Care
Fred N. Johnson *
Bruce & Kamala Johnson *
Jeff & Debbie Jones
E. Michael and Lucille Joye *
Camille Y. Kabat *
Stephen and Joan Karsay
Thomas and Lisa Karsay
Richard Karsay
Lawrence D. Kaufman
John and Linda Kazmark
Donna Kelly
Thomas Keneagy and Diane Weidman
Richard and Carole Keri
Earl Kim *
George and Patricia Kirk
A.B. and Pange Kirk
Richard D. Kirschner and Deborah K. Glick
Richard D. Kline
Abby Knuckey
Richard and Sara Kocinski
Nora A. Kolbert
Eleanora M. Kolbert *
Lawrence Koplik and Sarah Roberts
John and Carol Ann Kosztyo
Tyrone and Norma Jean Krause
Robert & Kathy Kress
Mary Kreyling *
F. David and Cynthia Kring
Edward Krisiloff and Susan Forster
Michael and Maria Kurowski
Ladies Auxilary to Hillsborough Memorial VFW
Jeanne K. Lamie
Debbie Lampf and Michael Kalison
Robert Lanning
Jane A. Lavoie
Thomas and Joan Leach
Warren and Dorothy Leback
Joyce Lefens
Thomas J. Lepionka
Richard and Patricia Lincoln *
Vida & Lawrence Lipowski
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Lloyd
James and Mary Lotze
Peter and Debra Loupos
William and Johnna Lowery, Jr.
Edward and Beverly Lubas
Theodore and June Lubas
Joseph and Jane Maida
Kenneth Mailloux
Marilyn G. Malik
Eugene and Maryann Mancino *
Michael Mandracchia
Michael and Donalyn Marchio *
John Marincas
Donald and Lori Matthews
David and Mary Anne Maxwell
Larry and Pamela Mayewski
Eve Mazzella
Lawrence and Elizabeth Mazzeo
John and Sharon Mc Knight
McAlpin Fund
John and Gwen McCullagh *
William J. and Kathleen McCurry
Timothy and Ellen McDonald
McDonough & Rea
James McFadden
Timothy and K. Andrea McGahan
Arthur and Kim McGinnis
Kevin and Jayne McGuigan
William and Marianne McKechnie
Michael and Adrianne McNally
Anthony and Antoinette Melchione
Mary Menella
Joseph and Janet Merk *
Douglas and Karen Merritt
Douglas and Martha Merritt
Kathryn A. & Steven P. Metz & Heckel
Jack and Marion Michel
Donald and Tamara Mikolasy
Gary and Karen Milchanoski *
Cheryl C. Miller *
Maung & Lynn Min
Italo Minutello *
Mistretta Design Grooup LLC
Vincent J. & Bridget Moccio
Mark and Melissa Molnar
Montgomery Friends of Open Space, Inc.
Montgomery Upper Middle School Student Activities
Montgomery Woman’s Club
Moonwalk Adventures
Mary S. Moorehead
Craig A. Moorhead
Michael and Susan Moran
William J. Morocco
Augustine and Mary Ann Mosso
Sondra L. Moylan
David and Theresa Mullaney
Edward and Jennie Murphy *
Brian and Katherine Murphy
Donald and Margaret Murphy
Ralph and Ellen Myers *
S. Yegna and Janet Narayan
Joseph and Della Nemes *
Joseph and Francine Netska
Rainer and Mary Newman
NJ Beagle Club, Inc.
Rose Obinger
Lawrence and Elinor O’Brien
George and Patrice O’Donnell
Jeffrey and Lisa O’Hara
Joseph and Joyce Oliver
Vladimir Oliver
Kenneth and Jean Olsson
Mary Frances P. Opp
Stephanie Osborne
Robin Osborne
Kim Augustis Otis
Robert & Ruth Palmer
Anthony and Margaret Paolo
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Parry
Ruth F. Patterson
Reginald & Lois Pauley
Andrew and Jane Pedinoff
Pelorus, Inc.
J. Edward and Marsha Penick
Kurt & Jill Perhach
Dennis and Elaine Perrine
Leon and Nancy Petelle
Judith A. Peters
Dale and Teri Peterson
Dr. John B. Peterson
G. Allen and Diane Pfanstiel *
Gary and Janet Phifer
Sarah M. Piller *
John and Angelina Pinelli
Pinto & Butler
Richard and Rosemarie Platt
Richard and Jean Pluta
Jeffrey and Melissa Podell
Edwin Podsiadlo *
Fred and Susan Pompa
Linda Popper *
Brian & Donna Potter
Presbyterian Homes of New Jersey Foundation
Darlene Prestbo *
Lucile S. Proctor
Mr. Thomas P. Proctor
Vincent and Lori Pugliese
Arne and Meta Rasmussen
William and Karen Rathyen
Walter and Margaret Raymond
Peter N. Rayner *
Red Oak Diner
James H. Reed
Kenneth and Louise Reilly
Michael J. Reilly
Reverie Farms
Jack and Betty Rieur *
Arun & Sanjana Rimal
Thomas and Karen Rocca
Rocky Hill Cleaners, Inc.
Joseph and Linda Romano
Harel & Paulette Rosen, M.D.
Benjamin Rozenblat and Mirna Rucci
William Ruggero and Jacqueline Davie-Ruggero
Allan and Ellen Ryan
Carmine and Barbara Salierno
Jeffrey and Melissa Salton *
Eugene and Josephine Sansone
Santa Fe Grille at the Rocky Hill Inn
Mark and Diane Schambra
Henry G. Scharf
Scharf’s Coach Works
Robert and Barbara Scheer
John and Patricia Scheidnagel
David and Doris Schmidt
David Schumer
Katherine R. Schwenker
Frank and Marilyn Sciotto
Paul and Grace Segalini
Frederic and Mitzi Seinfeld
Katherine M. Seitz
Richard Shadrach
Michael and Carol Shay
John and Hsiu Shen
John and Catherine Shockley
Randall and Corrine Siegel
Bob and Kathryne Simmons *
Barry Singer
Michael and Cheryl Sisler
William D. Sivitz and Christina L. Schumacher
Harold and Jean Skillman *
Mr. Pete Slugg
William and Dorothy Slusarchyk
Edward A. Small
Leonard and Betty Jane Smith
James and Betsy Smith
Rich & Valerie Smith
Donald and Johanna Snedeker
Soos Radon & Electric, Inc.
Sovereign Bank
Rose Marie Spaeth *
Stella Speinheimer
Roger and Darlene Spohn
Ada Sponholtz
Robert A. Staats
Larry and Rochelle Steinberger
Joseph and Marsha Stencel *
Mark J. Stevens
William and Susan Strawderman
Thomas and Nancy Strickland
Sunset Creations
Swiss Precision Products, Inc.
Roy and Debra Taft
Robert and Diane Talarick
Paul and Joan Tellier
Grace Terhune *
Thomas and Barbara Tesar
Nancy Tetz
The Montgomery News
Thomas J. Kavanaugh VFW Post 2290
Raymond and Renee Tice
Time Out Childcare
Suzanne Townsend Living Trust
TRC Omni
Steven and Imogene Treble
Robert W. Van Arnum
Scott and Patricia Van Arsdalen
Anthony J. Vannella
Arthur and Kathryn Varga
Paul and Adrienne Vecchione
Yogi & Malini Waghray
Mr. Patrick J. Walsh
Patricia L. Walsh
P. Michael and Colleen Walsh
Ronald and Camille Walthall
Herman M. Ward
Margery B. Ward
Margaret A. Warms
Robert E. Warner
Linda Wase
Michael A. Wasyl DDS
Raymond and Micheline Watrous
David and Lynn Watson
Peter G. Weiland
Joe & Dale Weingart
Edmund C. Weiss, Jr.
Eberhard Weitze *
Patricia Wendling
Thomas West and Brenda Overcash
Westminister Wealth Management
John and Jayme Wheeler
Kendrick and Lisa White
James and Martha Wickenden
Karen Wintress
Harry and Kristina Wise
Arietta E. Wismer *
William and Kathleen Witwer
Edmund and Margaret Wnukowski
Leonard and Carol Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Woolley
Wronko & Loewen
Frederick and Donna Wyckoff
Raymond and Virginia Wyckoff
Donald Young
Kent and Lisa Youngberg
John and Patricia Zach
Elaine L. Zeltner
Karen Zimmerman

* Denotes those who have given multiple times

Contact Us


For general inquiries regarding the Memorial or the activities of the Montgomery Township Veterans Memorial Committee, please email their Twp. Staff Support person, Patricia Gravatt at or call (908) 359-8211 ext. 2279.

If you wish to ADD or EDIT A NAME we will engrave on our Memorial, please open our Data Entry Form by clicking the DATA ENTRY FORM button. Please print this form, fill it out, and mail the completed form to:

Mrs. Dale Weingart
166 River Road
Belle Mead, NJ 08502
(908) 874-5017

If you have any other issues with the names we will engrave on our Memorial, please call Dale at the number shown above.

The Montgomery Veterans Memorial is a recognized charity under the provisions of Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.  If you wish to MAKE A CONTRIBUTION, please make your check payable to “Montgomery Veterans Memorial” and send it to:

Michael Pitts, Chief Financial Officer
Montgomery Township Municipal Building
2261 Route 206
Belle Mead, NJ 08502

If you have a TECHNICAL ISSUE or a PROBLEM WITH OUR WEBSITE, please contact:

Tamara Garaffa
Community Information Officer
Montgomery Township Municipal Building
2261 Rt. 206
Belle Mead, NJ 08502

List of Veterans


We’re proud of the following
Montgomery Veterans
whose names appear on the
Montgomery Veterans Memorial

March 8, 2013


Jeremiah Crow
Abram Cruser
Henry Fourt
Martin Hoagland
Peter Perlee
Abraham Quick
Joachim Quick
Abraham Skillman
Benjamin Skillman
Gerardus B Skillman
John T Skillman
Thomas Skillman
Rynier Staats
Cornelius Stout
Jediah Stout
Moses Stout
Nathan Stout
John D Stryker
Peter Sutphen
Garret Terhune
Stephen Terhune
William Terhune

WAR OF 1812

Samuel Beekman
John Covert
Henry Duryee
Charles Silvester
John Stout
Abraham Van Nuys
Peter Van Nuys
Abraham O Voorhees
Lewis Wicks


James Alfred
Garrett V Beekman
John V Bergen
Daniel Blaney
Isaac Bollman
Abraham V D Brearley
Garrett D Bush
Abraham B Conover
Jon Conover
Lawrence T Conover
Henry H Covert
Levitt Covert
Henry V Cox
Cornelius W Cray
Zephaniah Cray
James Cray *
John A Cray *
Charles H Cruser
John W Dilts
William P Duffield
John Everett
Stephen French
Richard Garmo
Garret Garretson
Louis Gethler
Asher Hagerman
Joseph J Hawk
Charles Height
John C Higgins
James V Hoff
Asher Johnson
John P Johnson
Asher Latourette
Charles Lawyer
Alfred F Lewis
George Logan
Fritz Lovering
Thomas Murphy
Jacob Packer
Benjamin C Piggott
Garrett Quick
Jacob A Racher
Richard Savidge
Samuel Schanck
Joseph P Scudder
Charles Sernberger
Thomas Skillman
George Skirm
James H Stout
Frederick Stryker
Peter V Stryker
William G Stryker
Abraham Sullivan
Stephen Terhune
James H Thorpe
John B Van Dyke
John K Van Pelt
William B Van Pelt
Abram Voorhees
Augustus Voorhees
George C Voorhees
John Voorhees
William B Voorhees
Stephen Voorhees Jr
Abram Whitehead


George S Duffield
Edward James


Charles T Duffield
William P Haight
John Hustwaite
William Scarlett
Elias Sjoberg
Bernard W Van Zandt


Carl Ahistrom
Harry T Anderson
Walter J Anderson
Christian H Audesirk
George Ball
Albert F Bartlett
Katherine C Bates
Edward W Bechtold
George S Clark
George A Coyle
Howard K Crane
Antonio DeMeo
Arthur S Dixon
Florence Dixon
Charles W Donahue
George Doyle
Walter W Drake
Samuel Duffield
George Dupree
William Ellman
Frank Glembocki
John J Hamel III
Henry Hanson
Atherton W Hobler
Edward B Irish
Frank F James
William B James
Raymond Johnson
Theodore Johnson
Samuel Keen
Henry Kirk
Victor Knies
Joseph Lowry
Frank W McCullough
John R Miller
M Edwin Miller
Rheinold Miller
Vincenzo Mistretta
Joseph M Neil
Albert W Piggot
Arthur Robinson
Maurice T Savige
Archie T Smith
Frederick Staats
Henry Thompson
Albert Van Zandt
Alfred Walther


Rayford K Adams Jr
James S Ajamian
Phillip Allshouse
Leon E Anderson
Marion A Andrews
Jack P Arecco
Joseph P Arecco
Woodrow Ayers
Edward J Bannon
Elmer Bear
Richard Bell
Boyd M Bergen
Edward B Bergen
Joseph Bernard
Jack J Berson
Chester Bielewicz
Norman L Birkland
William F Blake
Samuel Blank
LeCompte Bolmer
William B Bolmer
Charles L Boonen
Arthur W Brecknell
Wesley N Breese
Charles A Bregenger Jr
William F Brill
Arthur T Brown
Walter D Brown
George L Brown *
William Bucci
Garrett D Bush
Robert J Butler
Harold L Cain
Robert M Caivano
John W Calhoun
Edward J Canzano
Andrew Carafo
Joseph Carafo
Alden B Carlson
John H Castner
George Cerny
James F Cherry
Vincent A Chiusano
Frank J Chokel
Adolph M Chwastyk
Stephen Chwastyk
Alvah B Conover
Gertrude L Conrady
Leonard J Cooper
Robert M Cramer
Douglas Crane
John S Crater
Andrew Crill
Pasquale D’Angelo
Walter J Daniels
Stanley E Darmochwal
Arthur Davis
Hugh C Davis
James B Dawson
Ralph I DeHart
Thomas Derillo
Frederick E Dickt
John J DiLorenzo
Guy J Diviaio Jr
Donald C Dixon
Mary E Dixon
John K Dorey
Frank Drift
Martin H Drift
Edward B Drong
Clyde E Eck
William C Eliman Jr
Milton O Elkow
William G Engelman
Seth England
Arthur W Erck
Edwin H Erck
Theodore E Farkas
Fred L Farley
Harry T Fenton
John R Fenyk
Robert E Feucht
John F Ficken
Robert J Fischer
Stanley Frey
Frederick F Frintner
James M Fulton
Clarence Gabriel
Clarence Galick
Stephen Galick
Vincent T Galick
Charles G Gall
Margaret W Gallico
Philip G Garrison
Nicolas Gataroska
Emil R Gelatko
Joseph Genega
Frank G Giordano
John F Gloskey
M Catherine Glutting
John H Graves
William C Gregg
Douglas W Griggs
Wilmer Grover Jr
Diomede Guertin
Robert F Hageman
Richard W Haitch
Jean C Hall
Claudia J Hammond
Bernard A Handler
Charles F Handler
Joseph T Handler
Raymond D Hardesty
Edward F Harrigan
Paul E Harrison
Raymond J Hart
Nathaniel H Hartshorne
Fred L Hatke
Rose M Hatzlhoffer
Charles E Havens
George C Heffernan
Harold E Heidtmann
Gavin W Hendrickson
Kenneth Herrmann
Arnold J Hirsch
Norman G Hoagland
Herbert W Hobler
Wells A Hobler
Herbert U Hoepfner
Karl Hoepfner
Aloysius C Hogan
George J Holbig
Alfred J Hughes
Ernest W Hughes
Frederick J Hughes
Melvin Hunting
John H Hurley
Wilbur U Hurley
Joseph P Ianuzzi
Peter J Ianuzzi
Frank Igleweski
Walter J Igleweski
Edward B Irish
Harry R Jacobs Jr
Adrian Johnson
Merlin N Johnson
Norman W Jones
Richard W Jones III
Arthur H Jorgensen
Frank P Kabat
Paul Kalenik
Charles Kane
James Kane
Henry M Keen
Clifford Kelly
Robert L Kiefer
Henry F Kinbel
Donald A King
Stephen L King
Roger Kirkpatrick
Herman C Kliber
Ferdinand Kochis
Arvind V Kokatnur
Harry F Kolbert
Thomas A Kozi
Martha M Kramarich
Peter J Kramarich
John Kreyling
Arnold D Krugman
Marian G Krugman
Edward J Krystaponis
Dewey C LaPlante
Francis E Lawrence
Joseph D Lazar
Michael Lazas Jr
Dorothy J Leback
Warren G Leback
Marvin V Lefens
Emil W Lehmann
Justin T Leonard
Claude F Lewis
John P Lewis
June R Lewis
Dennis C Liles
Andrew H Limekiller
Leon W Linebarger
Bernard Localio
Calvin S Lovering
Adolph E Lubas
Frank J Lubas
Henry S Lubas
Olindo T Luciani
Thomas A Luciani
Joseph J Lutostanski
Peter MacIntyre
Francis M Maguire
Robert H Maher
Donald J Mahler
Ernest L Malberti
Bogdan Malko
Frederick Malko
Russell Malko
Steven Malko
Michael Malko *
Alex Malko Jr
John L Mancuso
Michael O Mandracchia
Rosario Marceca
John W Marcus
Steve A Maurer
Gerald C Mayer
Edward Mazur
Walter Mazur
Joseph E McAllister
John F McCarthy Jr
James T McDonald
Millicent B McDonald
James F McGann
Eugene McKenna
Robert McMillan
Mary E McNamara
Paul J Messineo
John Milchanoski
Warren W Mitchell
Franklin B Montague
Charles A Moorhead
William J Morocco
Anthony D Morrison
John B Morrison
Margaret E Mount
Donald L Murphy
Day Myers
Philip Narusewicz
Harry A Nelson
Joseph J Nemes Jr
Manuel Nikas
Joseph R Nini
Joseph J Nolan
Robert B Nystrom
John J O’Connell Jr
James L O’Connor
Andrew R O’Hara Jr
Samuel Oliver
Henry F Orr
William Oudenne
Joseph Palecek
Jesse F Pariso
Charles R Parmele III
Arthur L Parr
Floyd L Parr
Walter L Parr
Samuel Patterson
R William Pauley
John J Pearce Jr
Donald W Perkins
Timothy V Peters Jr
John T Phillips
Winthrop S Pike
Eugene E Piller
Henry A Pinter
Joseph Pirone
George G Place
Michael Polomchak
Gordon O Popper
David Pramer
Adolph E Raksa
Adams K Rayford
Robert Rayhon
Walter E Raymond
Alexander J Reid
Leo Reynolds
Anthony S Richards
Raymond J Ridolfi
Daniel E Robbins
Donald B Robinson
Joseph H Robinson
Raymond J Rogers
Peter Rosenberg
Robert E Rosenberg
Charles Rospopa *
Vincent L Ross Jr
Bernard J Rowley
Virginia Runyon
Edward Sabo
John H Sabo
Bradford Saivetz
Joseph Sara
Robert C Saums
Herbert W Savidge Jr
Norman R Schechter
William B Schram
Norman F Schuman
Robert F Schwenker Jr.
Clark T Scully
Herman Seeburger
Frederick E Seidel Jr
George A Seitz
Fred R Sheldon
William I Shepley Jr
Frank L Sibrava
Irving Sigel
Charles W Silvester
A Dix Skillman
Harold F Skillman
William V Skillman
V Leroy Skillman Jr
Enoch L Slover
Melville R Smith
Donald D Snyder
Louise Sommovigo
Marcello J Sommovigo
Matthew Sottile
William L Spaeth
Harry Speinheimer
Gordon W Spencer
Ada H Staats
Robert A Staats
Vincent C Staats
Francis L Staats Jr
Frank S Stanski
Joseph Stanski
Joseph Stanton
Lloyd Steiner
George Stevenson
Ralph S Stillwell
Clarence C Strong
William C Stryker
Parvin R Stryker Jr
John B Suveg
Harold Swigon
Joseph J Szeglin
Clifford H Taft
John Tarr
David H Taylor
Lloyd L Taylor
William Tedford
Paul E Tellier
William H Terhune
Donald C Thiel
Karl T Tompsen
William J Thull
LeGrand C Tibbits
David B Todd
Daniel Trasak Jr
John W Trasco
John Tropack
Sergay Trosko
Glenwood H Truelove
Miles W Truesdell
George J Urszulak
George Valenta
Gertrude Van Doren
Lloyd Van Doren
Robert V Van Fleet
John L Van Ness
Gordon A Van Schoick
Edward Van Seters
Garrett Van Seters
John P Van Zandt Jr
Percy L Vandemark
Anthony J Vannella
Aristotle J Vazakas
Theodore A Ventrone
Charles Vergano
Anna A Wallek
Elmer R Walls
Herman M Ward
Harold L Warner
Ernest Weidl
Hans Weidl
Henry Weidl
Julius Weidl
Carl Weidl
Robert C White
Stephen White
Harold I Whitenack
Alfred A Wickland
John A Wilke
Douglas W Wilson
Henry W Wilson
Mortimer A Wilson
John H Winant
Thomas A Wycoff
George A Wyeth Jr
Edward Wysocki
George N Yantz
Harold K Yingling
Harold J Young
Louis Zabielski
Martin L Zapf
Charles J Zid


John F Allen
Alexander E Altieri
Larry Apperson
Gerald E Bailey
Edward J Bannon
John M Benda
Larry Blackman
Anthony S Bottitta
Walter R Bowen
Forest A Brower
Albert R Cartwright
David G Christie
Raymond H Cocciolillo
John Colamarino
Edward Coleman
Robert W Croghan
Martin J Cummins
Charles A Cunningham
Walter J Daniels
Alvin J Darvin
Victor Dejneka
Eugene Denagel
Edmond V Dillon
Giuseppe DiMeglio
Harry Dowling
Robert C Doyle
Donald R Drake
Arthur M Edelman
Lawrence T Ellis
John V Ely
Peter E B Erdman
William P Fedun
Walter D Fenyk
Salvatore Ferrara
Martin J Fletcher
James W Francis Jr
Clarence Gabriel
Clarence Galick
Phillip H Gallo
Barry S Goodstein
Robert B Graffin
Neil Graham
John J Gueterman
David L Hackler
Richard P Handler
Herbert H Hann
Glenn G Hansford
Raymond D Hardesty
Robert W Harris
John B Healy
Charles R Henning
Ronald J Hess
Roland G Hetherington
Rudolf E Heubach
Frank B Homan
Millard L Horner
Leonard P James
Herbert W Johnsen
Fred N Johnson Jr
William D Jones
William T Kenney
George Kirk
Stephan G Kozesnik
James P Lang
Alexander R Lange
James B Laughlin II
Fred A Licausi
Thomas A Lies
Joseph C Malik
Arthur I Martin
Edward A McAlick
Joseph R Mennella Jr
Joseph A Merk
Douglas H Merritt
Edward C Meyer
Italo M Minutello
Ignatius J Mistretta
Harold P Moran
Augustine E Mosso
David H Mullaney
Peter F Mundo
Ralph H Myers
Philip Narusewicz
Robert A Nemes
Lawrence W O’Brien
Henry Olsen
Samuel R Osterhoudt
Nicolas Palazzo
Sidney L Palius
Edwin L Podsiadlo
James S Quartuccio
Henry F Raymond Jr
Cicero C Reid
George R Reinhart
Walter M Robbins
Alfred M Robotti
F Donald Rocknak
Joseph A Rogozinski
Vincent L Ross Jr
Bernard J Rowley
Eugene A Sansone
David J Schmidt
Roger L Schonewald
Roger L Seitz
Stephen E Seitz
John Shockley
Noel V Siegert
Victor A Skaar
John R Staats
Francis L Staats Jr
Albert V Stanski
Donald J Symonoski
Joseph F Tucker
George J Urszulak
Anthony J Vannella
William C Voorhees Jr
Charles J Weingart Jr
John A Wilke
Joseph A Wilke
Sidney L Willis
Charles W Wright
Douglas L Young


Vytautas J Abraitis
James P Agalloco
James H Ajamian
Peter Allshouse
Lawrence B Arecco
Joseph M Aspray Jr
John Baldino
Dean C Balthaser
Alphonso Battaglino
Robert S Bennett Jr
Robert A Bisaccia
Robert H Bondeson
Richard S Bono
Gilbert O Bougher
Paul I Bowman
Steven L Boynton
Robert J Brechka
Isaac Briggs Jr
Jans B Brower
David H Brown
Walter D Brown Jr
Roger C Bruestle
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William P Burks
Frederick K Burt
Francis N Burzik
Anthony Cafaro
Wayne L Caivano
Donald W Calhoun
John W Calhoun Jr
Brian F Campbell
Christopher L Cannon
Joseph Cantelmo
Luigi Carnevale
Mario F Carrandi Jr
Mark T Cavanaugh
Gerald M Cianfrocca
James R Clos
Steven J Cohn
Ernest Cousino III
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Felix Czech
Francesco D’Amico
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Nicolas J DeLarato
Charles V DiDomenico
Michael DiGeranimo
Albert L Dilks
Nicholas M DiPano Jr
Frederick Dixon
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Hugh N Dyer III
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John S Eberhardt Jr
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Daniel Black
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James W Anderson Jr
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Richard W Platt
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David B Windom


Matthew J Beattie
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Ronald G Geyer
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Mark C Salierno
Joseph B Townsend III
Daniel Turlip


Matthew J Beattie
Andrew Bellina
Mathew Bellina
David H Bennett
Ryan C Bennett
Andrew J Bolen
Ryan P Bolen
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Brian Ceponis
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Matthew A Collier
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Ashley L Henderson Huff *
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Jill M Maldarelli-Drey
Douglas E McWilliams
Anthony J Molesphini IV
Elsa Negrin
Patrick F Noll
Richard W Platt
Brandon N Potter
Thomas P Proctor
Mark C Salierno
Matthew R Stencel
Michael Tomai
Benjamin Tucker
Daniel Turlip
James White
Christopher Witwer

Funding Progress


Fund Raising to Support the Memorial

Our building fund raising program was closed out with completion of construction of the Montgomery Veterans Memorial. Thanks to the generous contributions of money, goods, and services from the members of our community and those outside our community who support our efforts, we were able to complete the entire construction program with the resources that were available to us. One of the most remarkable features of our highly successful fund raising program was the number of individuals and organizations who gave multiple times during the course of our campaign, which began in 2002.
Although construction is now complete, our work with the Veterans Memorial is just beginning. We wish to continue improving the site with additional landscaping and other physical improvements, and we also want to begin some programs closely associated with the Veterans Memorial that will add value to our community. These undertakings require resources, and we anticipate opening additional fund-raising drives in the future in order to support these new and important initiatives.
We have closed our account with the Princeton Area Community Foundation and established a Dedicated Trust for the Montgomery Veterans Memorial.  The Trust is administered by Montgomery Township, and is for the exclusive benefit of our Veterans Memorial.  The Trust can accept bequests, legacies, and gifts, and the funds may not be used for any purpose other than to support the Montgomery Veterans Memorial.  All donations to the Montgomery Veterans Memorial are placed in the Dedicated Trust and are considered contributions to a recognized charity under the provisions of Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.  If you have any questions about reporting your donation you should consult your tax advisor.  Should you wish to make a donation in support of our Memorial, please make your check payable to “Montgomery Veterans Memorial” and mail it to:
Michael Pitts, Chief Financial Officer
Montgomery Township Municipal Building
2261 Van Horne Road – Route 206 North
Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Others Who Have Served


We’re proud of the following veterans who live in Montgomery but whose names do not appear on the Montgomery Veterans Memorial

This list is based on data we have received through
March 1, 2013


George L Aldridge
Charles F Baird
Steven W Barrett
Jane Bonthron
Richard S Christian
Frank Dauster
James R Davidson
Frederick L Gillman
Ruth S Gillman
Gordon D Griffin
Edward W Hobler
Herman E Jass
Martin R Katz
Kenneth F Mailloux
John Marincas
Louise M Miller
Robert F Mooney
Edward H Muldoon
Theodore A Pierson III
Richard G Poole
John P Ross
Andrew J Schmidt
James B Smith
William A Stoltzfus Jr
Lester Tibbals
W James Walsh
John R Waltman
Donald R Young
Gordon L Youngs


Adam Bachrach
William C Moore
Kurt Perhach
Juaquin D Reed

Construction & Planning



At the beginning of the construction process in early 2011, we established a two stage construction plan. Our intention was to build the basic portions of the Memorial, which included the granite pentagram, the granite columns with the names engraved, and the lighted flagpoles, with the funds available at the time. Depending on our ability to raise additional funds, we also planned to complete as much of the remainder of the Memorial as our resources would allow.

Throughout 2011, the response from our community was overwhelming. In spite of the poor economic climate, we continued to receive significant monetary contributions. On top of that, many local business organizations generously gave most of the goods and services we needed to complete construction. Taken all together, the community response convinced us to significantly lower our estimated requirement for additional funds, and to complete construction of the entire Memorial in 2011.

Now that the Montgomery Veterans Memorial is an integral part of our community, we plan to continue our fund raising efforts in support of the Memorial. These funds may be used for additional site work, as well as for various projects and activities which directly support the fundamental meaning and purpose of the Montgomery Veterans Memorial. These projects and activities could include everything from landscaping and other capital improvements to sponsoring activities and perhaps even scholarships for Montgomery students who find ways of contributing to the substance and the spirit of our Memorial.

All funds donated to the Montgomery Veterans Memorial prior to March 1, 2012, were held, managed, and dispersed by the Princeton Area Community Foundation. The Community Foundation works to encourage philanthropy across Central New Jersey, and offers a wide range of services to donors to make their giving easy, efficient, and effective. All funds donated on or after March 1, 2012, will be placed in a Dedicated Trust administered by Montgomery Township. All donations will be tax deductible to the donor and will be held by the Township for the exclusive use of the Montgomery Veterans Memorial. The donations will not earn any income while they are held by the Dedicated Trust, nor will there be any fees charged by the Township. Thus, 100% of all donations will be used only in support of the Veterans Memorial





Montgomery Township has the honorable distinction of being designated a Purple Heart Community.  As part of the privilege of remembering and acknowledging the sacrifices of those who gave so much for the freedom and opportunities we have today, the Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee (MVMC) has created a repository of stories of “Purple Heart in Our Community.”

Please visit our Purple Heart Recipients webpage (link in left menu) to learn the stories and see photos of these amazing veterans!

If this distinction includes you or someone in your family and you have not yet spoken with the MVMC, please contact us via email at: or call (908) 359-8211 Ext. 2279.

Latest News


NOTE – Published “Latest News” is actually a posts page.  None of below content will show, Add upcoming events under Posts, but Do Not Delete This Page. Copy events from here into Old News page after the fact.



Montgomery Township has the honorable distinction of being designated a Purple Heart Community.  As part of the privilege of remembering and acknowledging the sacrifices of those who gave so much for the freedom and opportunities we have today, the Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee (MVMC) has created a repository of stories of “Purple Heart in Our Community.”

Please visit our Purple Heart Recipients webpage (link in left menu) to learn the stories and see photos of these amazing veterans!

If this distinction includes you or someone in your family and you have not yet spoken with the MVMC, please contact us via email at: or call (908) 359-8211 Ext. 2279.

NOVEMBER 11, 2021

Procession 3:00 pm  Ceremony 3:30pm


Montgomery Township will celebrate and honor our Veterans on Veterans Day, November 11th, 2021 starting with a Procession commencing at 3:00 p.m. at the intersection of Harlingen Road and Devon Drive and ending at the Montgomery Veterans Park on Harlingen Road. The Procession will be followed by a Ceremony starting at 3:30 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial.

The celebration will include Presentation of Colors by the Boy and Girl Scouts, readings from Montgomery Lower Middle School students, musical selections by the Montgomery High School Band, recognition of our Veterans present, Rifle Salute by the American Legion Post 339 and the playing of Taps.  Speakers will include Reverend Christopher Heitkamp of the Harlingen Church; Mayor Devra Keenan of Montgomery Township; Guest Speaker Vincent Barragan, Captain, United States Army; Lisa Romano, Vice Principal of the Montgomery Township Lower Middle School; Mary McLoughlin, the Superintendent of Montgomery Township Schools; Mike Maloney of Rolling Thunder and Dimitra Bairaktaris, Chairperson of the Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee.   Come join us!


Veterans Memorial Committee Seeking Purple Heart Recipients to Honor


Attention all US Military Veterans, Active-Duty Armed Service Members, and their Families residing within Montgomery Township:  We are a designated Purple Heart Community, and as part of this honorable distinction the Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee would like to recognize all Township residents who have earned or have had someone in their immediate family (including spouses and grandparents) who has earned the Purple Heart award.

Please contact: or (908) 359-8211 Ext. 2279 so that we can identify and recognize all our Purple Heart recipients and their families.  Thank you!

Memorial Day Ceremony May 31, 2021


The Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee will be hosting a Memorial Day Ceremony on May 31st, 2021 at 9:00am at the Montgomery Veterans Memorial Park on Harlingen Road in Belle Mead, NJ.  The Ceremony will feature lowering of the flags by Montgomery Township Boy and Girl Scouts, a spiritual message provided by Reverend Christopher Heitkamp, reflections provided by Montgomery Mayor Devra Keenan and the playing of Taps.  Please join us on Memorial Day to honor and remember all our military service members who have died while serving our country.

In honor of Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day March 29th, the Montgomery Twp. Veterans Memorial Committee would like to share the following impactful video message:






The Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee has created a special Veterans Day 2020 Ceremony video which includes a narration of our ceremony using images, video messages, and more!

The video includes a narration of our ceremony by our committee chair using images for certain parts of our program and video messages from: Mayor Sadaf Jaffer, a spiritual leader, a guest speaker, a Rolling Thunder representative, and a special presentation from the Students of Montgomery Lower Middle School. A public in-person ceremony is not being held this year as a safety precaution due to the covid-19 pandemic. Please view above.



Monday, November 11 the Montgomery community came together to give back to those who have given so much in service to our country.  U.S. service person, past and present, were honored at the Montgomery Veterans Memorial in Montgomery Veterans Park, Harlingen Road., Belle Mead.

The observance included Montgomery students reading their selected “Letters to Veterans.” 2019’s brief ceremony was held at 4:30 PM since it was a school day, so that more students and their families would be able to attend.

Please see this link for more detail:  VETERANS DAY OBSERVANCE PROGRAM


Please join us on Monday, November 11 to give back to those who have given so much in service to our country!  All U.S. service person, past and present, will be honored. Held at the Montgomery Veterans Memorial in Montgomery Veterans Park, Harlingen Road., Belle Mead.

This year’s observance will include Montgomery students reading their selected “Letters to Veterans.” This year’s brief ceremony will be held at 4:30 PM since that Monday is a school day, so that more students and their families are able to attend. Due to the later hour, while the Montgomery High School Marching Band will play and first responders will be present, there will not be a procession first this year.

Please see this link for more detail:  VETERANS DAY OBSERVANCE PROGRAM


Memorial Day Flag Raising Mon., May 28th

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Come join us at 9:00 AM on Memorial Day, May 28, 2018, at the Montgomery Veterans Memorial in Montgomery Veterans Park for a brief flag raising ceremony to honor the servicemen and servicewomen who gave their lives serving the United States.



The Memorial is accessible from the Upper Parking Lot of the park and there is handicapped parking and also access to the nearby 9-11 Memorial.

The Montgomery Veterans Memorial is located adjacent to the upper parking lot of Montgomery Veterans Park, Harlingen Road, approx. 1/8 mile northeast of the corner of Harlingen and Devon Road, before Estates Blvd.  Event presented by the Montgomery Twp. Veterans Memorial Committee. For further information, email the MVMC at


Former Mayor Robert Kress, MVMC Member, 1939-2018

We are very sorry to share news of the passing of an integral member of the Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee family, former Montgomery Mayor Robert Kress, on April 17, 2018.  Please follow this link to his obituary:

Mr. Kress is fondly remembered and greatly appreciated for his many, many years of active volunteer service to Montgomery Township.  These included his tireless work from the very beginning in 1991 to fundraise for and with great joy at last, to oversee the construction of the Montgomery Veterans Memorial in 2011.  He was also active in developing the Veterans Day Observance Program, a well-attended event honoring our veterans, which has been held every year since the Memorial was built on Veterans Day, November 11th. He will be missed.



Veterans Day Observance Nov. 11th

 11:00 am, Saturday, November 11, 2017

Montgomery Veterans Memorial
Upper Parking Area
Montgomery Veterans Park
Harlingen Road
Belle Mead, NJ 08502

You’re invited! Rain or Shine!

In sharing President Eisenhower’s 1954 Veterans Day Proclamation – “In order to insure proper and widespread observance of this anniversary, all veterans, all veterans’ organizations, and the entire citizenry will wish to join hands in the common purpose” – The Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee would like to invite everyone to our Special Veterans Day celebration this November 11th.

This Veterans Day marks the 7th Celebration at our Memorial, located in Montgomery Veterans Park off of Harlingen Road in Belle Mead.

Veterans Day is about Honoring Those Who Have Served and perhaps nowhere is that more important than in Montgomery!

Our very namesake, General Richard Montgomery, was a distinguished leader who served our country honorably and is widely recognized today as America’s first national hero after his courageous efforts in battle and falling on December 31st, 1775 in the Battle of Quebec. See:

The one hour Veterans Day event will include a procession and performance by the Montgomery High School Marching Band and first responders, presentation of the colors, patriotic speeches by local officials, and much more.  Remarks will be offered by Congressman Leonard Lance, Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, Joseph Kotch, a member of the Rolling Thunder veterans organization, Montgomery boy scout Srikar Surapaneni and girl scout Julia Garaffa.

This year will include something new: special costumed re-enactors from both the Civil War and WW II  including a President Lincoln Impersonator in full dress. They will be set up near the Veterans Memorial from approximately 10:00am to 2:00pm – well before and after the day’s celebration and ceremony.

Additionally, the POW/MIA CHAIR OF HONOR will be on display. The perpetually empty chair helps everyone to remember those service members who have not yet returned home – some 82,429 unaccounted for as of October 2017.

For the Procession & Ceremony itself – Please plan to arrive by 10:45am as Harlingen Road leading to the upper parking lot in both directions will be closed for the parade.

All are welcome to this family friendly event! The Veterans Memorial as well as the 911 Memorial and all areas of Veterans Park are now fully accessible to those in wheelchairs and with walkers etc.

Source: Montgomery Veterans Memorial Committee



Tuesday, September 19, 2017

6:00 PM
Montgomery Twp. Municipal Building
2261 Rt. 206, Belle Mead, NJ 08502

This will be a brief ceremony to acknowledge Montgomery Township’s new designation as a “Purple Heart Community”.  This designation recognizes the sacrifice of all military members who have been wounded or killed while serving the nation in a time of war.  Members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart will be present.

Keynote speaker will be Brigadier General Michael L. Cunniff is Adjutant General of the New Jersey Army and Air National Guard.

Accepting the honor on behalf of Montgomery and reading a Township resolution will be Montgomery Mayor Ed Trzaska, Administrator Donato Nieman, and Township Clerk Donna Kukla.

This event is intentionally set on the anniversary of Township resident Ashley Henderson-Huff being killed in Iraq. [KIA: 9.19.06] The United States military awarded First Lt. Huff the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the Army Service Ribbon. She was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and the Combat Action Badge.  There will also be a special plaque and presentation honoring the memory of Lt. Henderson-Huff.  This brave soldier spent a good portion of her childhood in Montgomery and attended Montgomery High School.

There will also be special plaques and presentations honoring the memories of both Lt. Ashley Henderson-Huff and SP4 Stephen H. Warner, a young war correspondent killed in action in Vietnam.  Both of these brave soldiers hailed from Montgomery and attended Montgomery High School.

Although Ashley and Stephen were most the most recent, there are eight soldiers with stars next to their names on the Montgomery Veterans Memorial who were killed in action.  The eight are (in alphabetical order):

  • George L Brown
  • James Cray
  • John A Cray
  • Arthur S Dixon
  • Ashley Henderson-Huff
  • Michael Malko
  • Charles Rospopa
  • Stephen H Warner



Monday September 11, 2017

9-11 Monument
Upper Parking Area
Montgomery Veterans Park
Harlingen Road
Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Two ‘open house’ hours of observance with MVMC volunteer staff available to answer questions will occur on Monday, September 11th at 9:45 AM and again at 7 PM. These two times are set up to foster remembrance and quiet reflection on the tragic events of the day as well as the bravery displayed by those who responded to the attack.  This is also a time to foster awareness when those who do not remember that day can learn about the occurrence and how it impacted specific lives, their loved ones, and indeed, all of America. The recently improved 9-11 Memorial site is also available daily during park hours to any respectful visitors.


Memorial Day Ceremony


10:00 am, Monday, May 29, 2017

Montgomery Veterans Memorial
Upper Parking Area
Montgomery Veterans Park
Harlingen Road
Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Come join us Monday, May 29 – Memorial Day 2017 – at the Montgomery Veterans Memorial in Montgomery Veterans Park for an hour to honor the servicemen and servicewomen who gave their lives serving the United States. There will be a ceremony at the Veterans Memorial at 10:00 am, concluding at the nearby 911 Memorial. The event will be held rain or shine.

The Ceremony will include brief speeches by (in order) Donato Nieman, Township Administrator; Mark Caliguire, Somerset County Freeholder and Veterans Memorial Committee Advisor; Pat Graham, Veterans Memorial Committee Liaison; and Ed Trzaska, Mayor of Montgomery and Veterans Memorial Committee Advisor.

We will conclude at the 911 Memorial with a re-dedication and ceremonious flag-raising using a Capital-flown flag provided by Congressman Leonard Lance. Montgomery Township Resident Eric Bulger, Retired Police Officer who was at Ground Zero on 9 11 and the weeks following will also speak.

The 9-11 Memorial has been updated with a new patio area and landscaping through the EP Henry HEROSCAPING Program. All hardscaping materials have been donated by EP Henry and additional materials, to include labor and landscaping, have been donated through a team-effort by Montgomery Township Public Works, Montgomery Cub/Boy Scouts, and several local businesses.

The ceremony will last approximately 30 minutes and there will be a 30 minute open house of both memorials afterwards.

The POW/MIA CHAIR OF HONOR will be on display and members of the Veterans Memorial Committee will be on hand to answer questions.

Both memorials are accessible from the newly paved Upper Parking Lot of the park and there is handicapped parking and accessibility (see locator map).

More information about the 9-11 restoration project can be found at:  and info on Revolutionary War Hero General Richard Montgomery, our Township’s namesake, can be found at:

The Montgomery Veterans Memorial is located adjacent to the upper parking lot of Montgomery Veterans Park, Harlingen Road, approx. 1/8 mile northeast of the corner of Harlingen and Devon Road, before Estates Blvd. (see locator map.)  Presented by the Montgomery Twp. Veterans Memorial Committee. For further information, email the MVMC at .